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Great songs if you’re doing guitar lessons for beginners

It can be difficult to find the right songs for a beginner to play so here’s short list that should help you out. All the songs are relatively simple and easy to learn and will provide satisfaction when you do pick them up. Love Me Do by The Beatles is a fantastic little ditty and [...]

Tips when taking guitar lessons for beginners

If you have a teacher you’re working with he or she will probably pass these tips onto you but if you’re taking guitar lessons for beginners all by yourself you might appreciate some of the knowledge I’m about to pass on. When practicing you need to be doing it right. If you’ve lifted weights you’ve [...]

Basic skills that go with guitar lessons for beginners

There are some pretty basic skills you should pick up before you jump into guitar lessons for beginners. You can learn this stuff online easily and you shouldn’t waste your teacher’s time and money with them. First and foremost you need to know how to tune your guitar. With almost any tutorial online you can [...]

Guitar lessons for beginners should include lots of songs

Some teachers of guitar lessons for beginners will want you to practice chords and notes and all that crap but we all know that’s not much fun and you don’t have much interest in that. Sure, plenty of great guitar players have learned that way but there’s just as many, if not more, that learned [...]

Great riffs to check out during your guitar lessons for beginners

When you dream of playing guitar you probably imagine ripping through entire songs but that’s not totally necessary to have a great time. What about taking guitar lessons for beginners that focus on playing really cool riffs? An easy one for starters is La Bamba by Ritchie Valens. It’s utterly memorable and sounds fantastic and [...]

Free guitar lessons for beginners online

There was a time when you had to sift through the yellow pages and call folks to get guitar lessons for beginners but that time is now passed. With the wonder of the internet you can find guitar lessons for beginners online and find them for free. There are hundreds on YouTube alone and all [...]

Don’t get discouraged when taking guitar lessons for beginners

Everyone that takes guitar lessons for beginners gets frustrated with it. It’s annoying to screw up over and over again and to fail at creating the sounds you want. You’ll take on something simple your first time and likely find that you’re not very good at it. If you’re used to excelling at the things [...]

Find the right teacher for guitar lessons for beginners

Having the right teacher show you how to play guitar is exceptionally important if you’re serious about learning the instrument. You could probably get buy just using YouTube or FAQs online but learning from someone with real experience will speed up the process a great deal and help you along in ways you can’t imagine [...]

Get a good guitar before you take guitar lessons for beginners

You don’t need an expensive guitar to take guitar lessons for beginners but you should have a good guitar. Make sure it’s well constructed and that it’s been properly setup to produce the finest sound possible. There’s nothing worse for a guitar beginner than to play a note perfectly and having it sound terrible because [...]

Don’t rush when taking guitar lessons for beginners

The biggest mistake made when starting guitar lessons for beginners is rushing too quickly past the simple stuff in hopes of playing something awesome. The truth of the matter is that without a good foundation you’ll never have the skill to play that amazing song you’ve been dreaming of. If you want to play the [...]