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Don’t rush when taking guitar lessons for beginners

The biggest mistake made when starting guitar lessons for beginners is rushing too quickly past the simple stuff in hopes of playing something awesome. The truth of the matter is that without a good foundation you’ll never have the skill to play that amazing song you’ve been dreaming of. If you want to play the solo from Stairway to Heaven you need a great deal of skill and experience so it’s nearly impossible to rush into it.

Guitar lessons for beginners are important and just about every rock god you’ve ever watched took them. At the very least they spend years plucking away at a guitar learning how to do it themselves. You can’t just jump right into the really hard stuff or you’re doomed to failure. The truth is, if you only want to play the really hard stuff then you’re not destined to be a guitar player. If you’re ready to take guitar lessons for beginners then you have what it takes to be a guitar god.