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Great songs if you’re doing guitar lessons for beginners

It can be difficult to find the right songs for a beginner to play so here’s short list that should help you out. All the songs are relatively simple and easy to learn and will provide satisfaction when you do pick them up. Love Me Do by The Beatles is a fantastic little ditty and is pleasing to the ear to boot! You can also try The Gambler by Kenny Rogers and sing along with the lovely lyrics. For something more modern you can try Babe One More Time by Britney Spears or Back to December by Taylor Swift. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash is a simple and satisfying song with a strong, driving beat and if you want to slow it down you can try Hurt by Johnny Cash. For a long melodic song try Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan. No matter what these songs are great when taking guitar lessons for beginners and establishing yourself as a talented strummer.